the tonic of wildness

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“There was a single blue line of crayon drawn across every wall in the house.  What does it mean? I asked.  
A pirate needs the sight of the sea, he said, and then he pulled his eye patch down and turned and sailed away.”
Brian Andreas, Story People


A few days ago I was getting gnarly and just the tiniest bit out of balance ~ so I climbed along the bluffs at Lighthouse park   down to the sea with three dogs scrambling ahead of me.  It. Was. Divine!  The call of the sea always reminds me of a line in Anne of Green Gables where she is all dreamy for the sea ~ for the silver and the shadow and all the things not seen.  So much more lovely than ropes of diamonds.

Well! Romeo flung himself off a cliff and landed on a buffet of crab shells, Roxy tossed her limbs into the waves for a tumble and Lucy poked around in tide pools admiring indigo shells and starfish.  I stretched my arms into the air and turned my face to the spray of the waves and felt my breaths emerge from the deepest deeps of my lungs instead of the shallow ache in my chest.  Immediate medicine ~ the tonic of wildness. And look ~ this beautiful mobile you see above is filled with all the sea treasures I found in the tide pools that found their way into my pockets.  It’s called the dancing plume driftwood mobile. Michael  and his daughter Emma made this mobile yesterday in the sunroom for one of the Luminous Elephant workshops we will be offering.  Holes were gently drilled in shells and seaglass and stone was sanded while Emma strung exquisite ribbons of the sea onto a slice of driftwood.


Anyway ~ back to that ache in my chest.  You see, that perfectly perfect space that I had my heart set on for the Luminous Elephant studio was taken by another business ~ they were having difficulty with permits and I was hopeful that the space might be for us after all and so I waited for several weeks throughout this process.  But it wasn’t in the end.  And I felt so sad and really downhearted even though….even though I KNOW ~ I have the wisdom and the experience to understand so fully that everything is exactly as it is meant to be right now.  Here and now.


So – I am waiting on the universe.  Ok, that’s not entirely true come to think about it – we are in flow partnership on this one.  Because I am going to see another space today at 2 pm.  It’s so beautiful ~ on 10th avenue in Point Grey ~ a gorgeous old corner building with high ceilings and old plank floors ~ in a high voltage family neighborhood.  It is lovely beyond lovely with a complimentary business beside the space so we shall see.  I shook out my impatient blues by the tides, Emma created something out of the ordinary with my ocean treasures…and eventually I will find my perfect home for the Luminous Elephant Studio.  


I think I found it! I think I found it! Luminous Elephant may very well be open for awesome arty joy June 01st at 10th and Trimble!


love, always,




speaking  of the sea ~ a few spaces added in a new cottage at Serendipity ~ yay!