all of me

elephant!.jpg     It’s one of the many things I love about myself lately.  The ability to ‘let go’ when things don’t quite meander the way I want them to ~ to go with the flow.  And yet.  And YET.  I have to say I really wanted the floors in the Luminous Elephant studio to be turquoise.  I did.  I found the most breathtaking hue of turquoise and even renamed the color ‘luminous’ – because it was, well, luminous.  So gorgeous and uplifting!  So spirited!!! When I stepped onto those repainted fir floors I could feel such a stunning energy zinging up through my feet and straight into my happybones.  I wanted to run out into the street and drag people in and have them experience it for themselves.


Alas.  That very same glorious turquoise glow beneath my feet cast a strange sickly pool tint  of not-quite-blue-not-quite-green straight up and onto my pretty creamy walls and ceiling.  The result was damming I have to say and my soul spoke out loud and clear.  I cannot create in this sickly palor of a space!!!! I feel utterly seasick!!  Change it now!  


And so.  Hey.  I will change it this evening.  I will change it to a lovely buttered whalebone of a hue that will enlighten the spirit of all who enter.  A gleaming, golden, happy optimistic hue.   I know.   I have turned an annoying chatterbox who is entirely preoccupied with her studio.  I am.  


But guess what. Yesterday I had the best mothers day ever.  My daughter Tess took me out to brunch at Sophies Cosmic Cafe with Noah.  She bought me roses – red and white ones and we went shopping for shoes (rhinestone sandals) for her best friends wedding in a few weeks.  We sang in the car on the way there ~ and we sang in the car on the way home. I have the best kids ever.  EVER.  They make my heart stretch and sing and stand on tiptoe at full attention for the full presence of LOVE.  All of me.  All of me loves my family with all of my soul.  Every damm day. And nothing is better than love in this world.  


Love, Maddie